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Hi, my name is Emma.  I have always loved art - from my childhood spent drawing and crafting, to my adult life visiting galleries and joining art classes.  And now my home is filled with my own children's masterpieces.  After twenty wonderful years working as a primary school teacher I decided to pursue a more art-focussed career, where I could share the joy that creativity brings.  And with a huge leap of faith, Smudge Art Club was born!

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About Smudge Art Club

Smudge Art Club aims to inspire children through art and feed their creativity.  We nurture budding artists through a careful balance - teaching precise skills to develop the control which gives children confidence in their abilities, while encouraging exploration to promote freedom and risk-taking which reveals their creative potential.

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"Art empowers children to make their own beautiful mark on the world."

- Emma, founder of Smudge Art Club

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"I wanted to say a really big thank you for making Art Club so much fun for my son!  He's loved every minute of learning about new techniques and getting to try out new media."

- after school club parent

"Emma, we are delighted with your club and would definitely like to book you again. The children and parents really love your classes."

- school administrator

"Emma is absolutely wonderful with my daughter.  She is 7 and autistic and finds it hard to build relationships.  But Emma is one of the few who has managed to secure my daughter's trust and she looks forward to her weekly art classes! I would highly recommend Emma to everyone!"

- home education parent

"My daughter just loves Art Club and is learning so much.  Thank you for everything you do."

- after school club parent

"I like Art Club because you get to do all sorts of different stuff like clay, or snipping, or painting still life, or sketching."

- after school club student

"My son has loved his lessons and I want to say how absolutely bowled over I was by his mini clay houses. I totally adore them. Thanks for all your amazing teaching."

- after school club parent

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