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Home Education

Our Home Education sessions allow children to experience a wide range of creative activities, including kiln-fired ceramics, charcoal, collage, sketching, block printing, watercolours, artist studies, illustration, wire sculpture, and more.  We offer two types of session for home education: home-based and community-based, and while designed for primary-aged children, we welcome any siblings and parents who are eager to join in the fun!  Home Education sessions generally run for one hour every week during school hours in term time, but let us know what works for you.

Home-based Sessions

We come to your home for tutor-style art sessions, providing all the equipment and tidying up afterwards.  We need enough space to work (usually a dining room table) and occasionally a sink for clearing up.  These sessions tend to be quite focussed, with considerable attention paid to each child's creative journey.

Home-based prices per hour:

1 child - £30

2 children - £20 each

3 children - £15 each

4 children - £13 each

5+ children - £11 each

Please get in touch via our contact form, to discuss your needs and our availability.

Community-based Sessions

We run sessions at local venues where home-educating families can join in fun, imaginative art activities.  These sessions tend to be more informal, with space and opportunity for creative investigation and spontaneity.

Community-based prices:

1-2 year olds - £3 each

3-4 year olds - £7 each

5-8 year-olds - £11 each

Current Home Education Sessions:

* coming soon *

If your preferred club is fully booked, please email to be placed on a waiting list.

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

- William Butler Yeats

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