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Your child and their friends can celebrate in style with an arty party designed just for them.


Parties can be in your own home, or at a local venue.  On arrival, guests decorate bunting for the birthday girl or birthday boy and then everyone creates their own masterpiece.  Once finished the art activity, children show off their best dance moves while we quickly pack up and blitz any mess, leaving you to enjoy the rest of the party.

The cost per child is £18 for 1.5 hour parties and £24 for 2 hour parties.  Invitations and party bags are provided (with stickers, sketch book, pencil and each guest's art).  You will just need to provide any decorations, party food and birthday cake that you want.  Some activity choices will need to be taken away for firing or varnishing and will be returned within a week.

Email for more information.

1.5 hour party ideas:

- Creating adorable pom-pom kitty cats

- Modelling and painting sci-fi spaceships

- Painting and bejewelling treasure boxes

- Graffitiing names onto pencil cases

- Collaging colourful rainbow wall hangings

- Designing cute kawaii tote bags

2 hour party ideas:

- Folding incredible origami infinity fidget toys

- Sculpting hand-built clay dinosaur models

- Designing and making beaded animal keyrings

- painting masterpieces on artist canvases

- Cartooning cool flip-book animations

- Hand-building and personalising ceramic mugs

Please get in touch to help us design the perfect party around you and your child.

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